Today here in this article we will guide you to score 550 plus in NEET. we will tell you the way to appear in the examination. we will also guide you how to write in the examination hall.we will give you some tips to save time in NEET.

The mode of NEET exam is offline which is 3 hours Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) based. It consists of a total of 720 marks with +4 for every correct answer and negative marking of -1 for a wrong one.

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How to score 540+ score in NEET:

  • Give the first 45 minutes of the exam to Biology and try to finish the entire part. If you get an average 81 questions correct it should get you through
  • Devote 46th minute to 100 minutes of the exam to finish Chemistry and try to get at least 35 questions correct.
  • From 100-170 minute focus on Physics. If you give 30 correct attempts in the section, you should be through.
  • Between the 170th minute to 180th do the final scramble to ensure that you have filled your OMR right and not done any big fat silly mistake.


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